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Drug and alcohol addiction is a widespread epidemic which affects millions of people around the world. Drug abuse is clearly evident in Freeland, MI. and the devastating effects are being felt in the community daily. Local law enforcement is doing what they can to deal with drug and alcohol related crimes, and a great deal of crime in Freeland can be linked to drug and alcohol addiction.

Drug and alcohol addiction causes people to do things they wouldn't normally do; destructive choices which impact their health, family and career. Due to this intense fixation, drug addicts and alcoholics in Freeland, MI. will do just about anything to get their next fix. This intense addictive behavior can take over an addict's life, leaving very little time or energy for constructive or productive activity or behavior.

The physical dependence an addict can develop to drugs and alcohol makes quitting seem impossible. Someone struggling with drug or alcohol addiction can take advantage of a number of Drug Treatment Facilities in Freeland, MI. Many Drug Rehabilitation Facilities in Freeland offer a supervised withdrawal and drug or alcohol detoxification. Individuals taking part in such programs have made great strides in getting sober and ending the vicious cycle of drug and/or alcohol abuse. Drug Treatment Programs in Freeland typically provide constant care and support to individuals battling drug or alcohol addiction.

Assessing the potential causes of the individual's drug and alcohol abuse and addiction is an important step in the treatment of addiction in Freeland. There are a variety of Drug Rehabs and options offered in Freeland that deliver this type of counseling and support. To get sober, an individual must focus fully on their recovery. A Drug Rehab Program in Freeland gives an addict the opportunity to do just that. Find out about drug and alcohol addiction treatment options in Freeland, MI. today.

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  • Michigan Facts
  • Michigan drug statistics estimate that there are 213,351 people abusing prescription drugs, 20,352 people that use inhalants, and 36,233 people who use hallucinogens.
  • 13.3% of the 9th grade students in Michigan have reported current marijuana use.
  • Partnership for a Drug-Free Michigan helps teens reject substance abuse by influencing the basic knowledge and attitudes through education.
  • 4.0% of the high school students in Michigan have reported methamphetamine at least once.
  • Freeland, MI. Statistics
  • The population of Freeland is 12444 with 6,792 Males and 5,652 Females.

    The population of Freeland, Michigan breaks down into the following age groups:

    Under Age 5: 768
    Age 5-9: 931
    Age 10-14: 862
    Age 15-19: 748
    Age 20-24: 645
    Age 25-34: 1,879
    Age 35-44: 2,438
    Age 45-54: 1,934
    Age 55-59: 651
    Age 60-64: 435
    Age 65-74: 631
    Age 75-84: 376
    Over 85: 146

    The Median age in Freeland, Michigan is 36.6

    Freeland Summary
    Freeland Area - 76.25 Sq. Miles
    Land - 75.660003662109 Sq. Miles
    Water - 0.59 Sq. Miles

    The population Density in Freeland is 164.47 People per Sq. Mile
    Elevation of Freeland - 610 Feet
    Timezone - Eastern (GMT -5)

    Freeland School Enrollment Breakdown
    Age 3 and Over enrolled in Freeland schools - 3,330
    Freeland children enrolled in Nursery or Preschool - 182
    Children in Freeland enrolled in Kindergarten - 176
    Freeland children enrolled in Elementary School - 1,565
    Freeland Highschool Enrollment - 741
    Freeland College Enrollment - 666

    Freeland Economy and Employment
    Employment Breakdown:
    16 years and over - 5,883
    Total Males in Work Force in Freeland - 3,172
    Total Females in Work Force in Freeland - 2,711

    Occupation Breakdown in Freeland:
    Management and Professional Occupation related jobs in Freeland - 1,833
    Service related jobs in Freeland - 744
    Sales and Office Related jobs in Freeland - 1,643
    Forestry, Farming and Fishing related jobs in Freeland - 16
    Construction and Maintenance related jobs in Freeland - 796
    Production and Transportation related jobs in Freeland - 622

    Freeland Houselhold Income Breakdown:
    Household Income-
    Less than $10,000 - 164
    $10,000.00 - $14,999 - 164
    $15,000 - $24,999 - 462
    $25,000 - $34,999 - 337
    $35,000 - $49,999 - 569
    $50,000 - $74,999 - 964
    $75,000 - $99,999 - 780
    $100,000 - $149,999 - 511
    $150,000 - $199,999 - 49
    $200,000 or more - 38
    Average Household Income in Freeland - $55,066.00
    Average Household Size in Freeland - 2.73

  • Al-Anon Family Support Group Meetings in Freeland, Michigan

  • Freeland United Methodist Church
    205 E. Washington St.
    Freeland, Michigan 48623

    Meeting Times
    Mon., 8:00 PM